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To be the worldwide Nr.1 is not that easy. In the long term we keep all our products at the high quality standard.

During our production, we place special emphasis on the extensive and complex quality control of the raw material and the finished products while closely cooperating with and relying on the experience of our mother company. All parameter measurements, recipes, production protocols, certificates, first sample measurement protocols according to strict regulations of the auto-motive and the energy industry certification, etc. are completely chronologically documented in the Palstat system.

Our laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for operative inspection, such as a gas chromatograph, N-Cube for the determination of nitrogen, various viscose-meters, a refractometer, a device for the determination of water content and all instruments necessary for testing molding mixtures.

In October 2017, shortly before our jubilee, our laboratory moved to new, modernized and newly equipped premises.

HA CZ has been certified by the  ISO 9001 „ Quality Management System “ and ISO 14001 „ Environmental Management System “. The certification by the OHSAS18001 „Occupational Health & Safety Management System” has been finalized until the end of 2018.