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About us

Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH has experienced very intensive development in recent years. Three companies were established in the Czech Republic during this global expansion: HA CZ, H.A. Kovochem and HABRINOL. HA CZ is responsible for HA's strategic fields of activity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, meaning the distribution of binders, refractory coatings and coated sands. Today, a simple trade company has evolved into a production plant. Membership in such a holding is a big commitment. Currently, HA is represented by 36 companies in 30 countries worldwide.

Who are we and what we do

HA CZ was established on January 13th, 1997, first as an organizational unit of Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GbmH and on August 23rd, 1999 it was transformed to an limited liability company, Hüttenes-Albertus CZ s.r.o. Today, the basic capital is CZK 26 000 000 (EUR 1 Mil.). Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH is 100% owner. 

Originally, the company's headquarters were in Brno. On March 15th, 2004 the company’s warehouse and on March 22nd, 2005, the company headquarters moved to Děčín. By concentrating our activities at this established chemical production location next to our sister company Habrinol, we were not only able to react flexibly to our customer's requests thanks to our own production, but we were also able to improve the organizational course in relation to the level of technology and improve quality under reasonable operational costs. With regard to the central position for the foundry industry the technical service remains in Brno.

The present state reflects the turnover of CZK 715 Mil. = EUR 28 Mil. (year 2017) with 11,423 t of the own-produced furan resins (year 2015), plus 4,682 t of activators from our sister company, Habrinol, 1,000 t of own inorganic adhesives for the whole HA group, 2,000 t of resins and refractory coatings of the group's production and 2,400 t of coated sands, the products of our sister companies, HA France and HA Polska.

The production of our own furan resin primarily takes place by cold mixing according to various recipes and different additives and does not only include standard products for cast iron and steel, but also special variations such as nitrogen-free resin for steel cast iron, reactive resin for systems with a lower content of sulfur with special activators, elastic resins with a very good pull-out model, furan-phenolic resin and others.

For the production of condensed semi-finished products and for semi-finished products with special additives we have a modern 8 t reactor available. 

We further produce a wide range of inorganic adhesives - apart from the normal Klebepaste SB in different speed variations, we also produce other specialized inorganic adhesives, as for example Maskenkleber for shell cores and molds, Mikowellenkleber for microwave hardening and quick, two-component inorganic adhesive Duosil and others in different packages in a total current amount of 1,200 t per year.

The production of inorganic adhesives for the foundry industry and other purposes and the associated warehouses are located in two our own halls.

We have large insulated surfaces, a spacious heated warehouse and a modern warehouse for flammables of the highest level of safety for storing the raw material and various trade goods for the group and its sister companies.